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Colored Diamonds as an Alternative to the Traditional

April 16, 2013

Weddings are monumental, important occasions, and after the bride-to-be, the biggest eye-catcher of the day is the ring. The ring serves as a centerpiece, a tangible symbol of the commitment being made and a representation of what you and your partner share.

And what the two of you share – happiness and sadness, love and anger, the good and the bad – is unique and nothing less than beautiful. The two of you have managed to find each other in a world of billions, and youve made the decision to spend your lives in unison. So why not pick a stone and band that reflect just that?

Gemstones and tinted diamonds are a striking alternative to the more traditional white and silver sets; stones are available in an array of colors, from yellow to a copper-tinged brown to green. Black diamond rings are eye-catching, distinctive and exceptionally modern; it takes someone bold to wear an ebony stone on her wedding finger. The striking contrast between white gold and a black stone has become a sought-after fashion and many professional companies, such as Front Jewelers, offer trendy, quality stones and bands.

Adding a new hue to your wedding band gives it a much more personal feel. Maybe you met your bride when the two of you were strolling along the seaside. It was simple happenstance, but now its a significant moment in your personal histories – so why not consider blue diamond rings as an alternative? The deep cerulean will inevitably nod toward images of ocean waves and it will be a subtle reminder of the day your life changed for the better.

While choosing a wedding ring may not be a simple or easy task, it should be given adequate thought, time and love. When you choose a tinted stone, youre taking the standard and making it extraordinary for your bride.

black diamond rings


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